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A Last Will & Testament is a written legal document which outlines the distribution of your assets after your passing and who shall be in charge of the administration. It can be written at different points of life and updated at anytime.

A Last Will & Testament is also an excellent way to name who you wish to serve as a guardian for any minor children, leave a legacy to your favorite charitable organization and dispose of your personal items.

You should consult with a qualified elder law attorney to have your Last Will & Testament drawn up. Last Wills & Testaments must conform to the Florida Statutes and must clearly and unambiguously state your wishes.

A Last Will & Testament is a personal document and can be tailored to fit with your exact wants and desires in a clear and concise way. By having your Last Will & Testament drafted by an attorney, it can help to avoid grueling legal battles over property and personal belongings.

Although it might be tempting to use do-it-yourself forms, remember that your Last Will & Testament is a statement of your final wishes. If a mistake is discovered after your death, it will be other people interpreting what your wishes might have been.

If you would like to speak with an attorney about your estate plan, contact us.